Why is not easy to forgive someone?

Since young, we are not in good terms with my relatives.
Because of hatred and jealousy, we felt that every time we had an achievement they are not happy instead they always mock us.
They always say that we cannot succeed in this life because we are poor, and my parents can’t afford our educational fees.
I always put to heart every word that they say about our family.
You know, I’m just a human, I am hurt hearing those harsh words they say.

Now that we are all getting older they tried to get closer to us since we already have good work.
But I don’t trust them, because I can’t forget everything they did to us back then.
I know there are times that I can fully accept them but not this time I am not healed yet.


We can’t avoid to have a conflict to our relatives.
Wait for the right time.
That time that all your grudges toward them already vanish and when you are already willing to forgive them talk to them.
I’ve been there before but n ow we are all okay with my relatives.

Although we have a different ways how to forgive someone.
Sometimes it’s hard to accept it but when we surrender to God everything all things are possible.
Just wait for the right time that you are willing to forgive that person.

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Forgive and you will be Forgiven, Even God grant us Mercy and Forgiveness even we are not Worthy. Yes it’s hard to Forgive someone but let God Divine Intervention to help you to Forgive. Because For God so Loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in him should not be perish, but have everlasting Life (John 3:16). Forgive someone who hurt you Because your Forgiveness will Give Faith, Hope, and Love according to His Will and Predestination.