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Welcome Center - Christian Forums

Welcome to Crossmap Communities! We are an online community seeking to love God and love people. Come say “hi” and introduce yourself.

Christian Topics & Theology - Christian Forums

Where we discuss Christianity and theology. Let us be affirming in our shared beliefs and respectful in our differences.

Current Events & News - Christian Forums

Where we discuss the news and current events. Political opinions are welcome, but be respectful to others.

Prayer & Encouragement - Christian Forums

Where we share personal and public prayer topics, and pray and encourage one another.

Testimonials & Miracles - Christian Forums

Where we share stories of miracles, breakthroughs, and deliverance. We each have experiences and stories that shape who we are.

Ask a Question & Offer Answers - Christian Forums

Where we ask questions to the Crossmap community and offer answers. We don’t know everything, but learning starts with asking.

Resources & Information - Christian Forums

Where we share helpful resources and information to the Crossmap community. Be about others more than yourself, and share other people’s resources too.

Offer Help & Service - Christian Forums

Where we offer help and services to others in the Crossmap Community. When we carry each other’s burdens, we fulfill the law of Christ.

Recovery & Support - Christian Forums

Where we share our recovery journeys and give moral and godly support to one another. We are all still in progress, so let’s be supportive.

Lifestyle & Culture - Christian Forums

Where we talk about lifestyle and culture from a Christian perspective and where we share lifestyle tips and hacks.

Fun & Uplifting - Christian Forums

Where we share funny, uplifting, and encouraging messages and stories. Life is too short, so let’s laugh and smile.

Cities - Christian Forums

We are a part of local communities and seek the good of our cities. We may not be in your city yet but will be adding new cities in the future.

Site Feedback

Where we share suggestions to improve Crossmap Communities, its functions, categories and subcategories, and user experience.