Why is it hard to let go?

Some say if you love the person, you are willing to let them go if you are no longer the reason for their happiness. But when you love that person, letting them go and being happy with someone else is hard. I’m in a situation where my partner won’t love me anymore. Someone is giving him the happiness that he wants. It hurts thinking that I need to set him free rather than we will be both miserable together.

What should I do? Do I need to fight for this love, or will I let him be free for his happiness?


Don’t force someone if he doesn’t want to stay with you, let him go, let him find himself and you, because you can’t find true happiness if you don’t understand each other.
Seek God first before anything else.
You can find true happiness in God.

Let someone leave your life because when someone leaves someone comes more than you expected.
Let them go and move on, choose to be happy there are a lot of wonderful things waiting for you.
Remember everything leaves you, but God will remain in your life.