Why Does It Seem No One is on My Side — Not Even God?

I feel empty deep inside, I feel like no one is on my side.
When I am struggling and I want someone to talk to, no one is available even in the presence of God I can’t feel it.
I know something wrong with me and I don’t this to continue.

I want to be a courageous person that even when I encounter hardship still remains standing and firm so that no one can destroy me.
Even though I feel that no one is on my side, I still believe that God is with me. I want to be that person.

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Try to read God’s word and attend a Bible study, you feel empty right now because you have not accepted God’s love in your life that is why you feel empty.
Same with me before, it’s like all the problems in this world I have it.
Until I learn to surrender to God everything, He help me to overcome those hardships.