Why does God allow us to suffer so much at times?

God allows suffering because he has given humans free will, and as a result, some people choose to do things that cause harm to others.
Also suffering can help us grow and develop our character, leading to greater empathy, compassion, and resilience.
It is part of God’s plan for the world, and that it serves a greater purpose that we may not understand or be able to see.

Suffering also lead us to get closer to God and knowing Him more and also learning His words and purpose for our lives.


Many religious traditions believe that humans have been given free will, which means that they are able to make choices and decisions for themselves, even if those choices result in negative consequences such as suffering.

God allow us to suffer so that we learned to return to Him and get closer to Him.
Also wants us to be strong so that no matter what trials come our way, we can’t easily defeated.

Some people believe that God allows suffering to test and challenge us, and to help us grow and develop resilience, empathy, and compassion. Other people believe that suffering is part of God’s plan that we may not fully understand.