Why does God allow suffering, pain, and daily cruelties to exist?

Trials, suffering, and challenges are part of our lives as humans. It will push us to grow and develop as individuals. Often, amid these challenges, we learn new skills and opportunities to build stronger experiences and character.

It can also bring about social harmony and equality. Through these challenges, people have the opportunity to work together and provide support to each other to fight for rights and unite for a better future.

It can also be the result of human actions themselves, such as injustices, cruelty, and corruption. Often, these types of events are the result of people’s mistakes and negligence, and they cause suffering and hardship to people who should not have their rights violated.


Free Will. One explanation is that God allows suffering to exist because of human free will. Humans have the ability to make choices, some of which can lead to suffering. For example, if someone chooses to harm another person, that can cause suffering. God allows this freedom of choice, but that doesn’t mean God necessarily causes or approves of the suffering.

Spiritual growth: Another perspective is that suffering can lead to spiritual growth and transformation. Through experiencing and enduring suffering, people can develop compassion, resilience, and a deeper understanding of their relationship with God. This perspective sees suffering as a way to draw closer to God and to learn important life lessons.