Why do people betray you?

I’ve been a good person to my family and other people. But still, there are times when people test your patience and do wrong to you. And some betrayals cause to lose trust in them. I wouldn’t say I like it when you do good to others, but they hurt you in return. Now, I am suffering from the things that I don’t deserve.
I had a mistake in trusting people I thought I was friends with. Betrayals and lies made me question myself and lose interest in many things.

I hope God will help me pass this phase of my life, lead me to good people, and give me peace of mind.


Hi, Fabian! Hope you heal from what you are experiencing now. I know God will draw away people that is not good to you. Remember that things happens with a reason, maybe for you to learn so that you will choose good people next time.
No one deserves to be betrayed and lied on, you deserve all the good things is life!

People betray you or us because of jealousy.
They are not happy with your achievement so they want to drag you down.
Despite all of that always look on the brighter side and avoid those who brought some negativity.