Who is an inspirational person in your life?

My sister because she is willing to give up everything for us.
I know it was hard for her to give up her studies and boyfriend before because she need to work for us. to support our studies and our needs. She prioritized before herself.
Now she has her own family but I’m still asking her if she regrets it because she even finished her study. She told me that she is happy to help us.

I can’t help thinking that she is my great-sister and I am inspired by what she did for us. I am hoping that I can help her back.
That’s why I am always hoping for her family to have abundant blessings from God.

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You’re so blessed to have a good sister in your life, and she was a family-oriented and selfless sister who gives what your family needs. She is a great inspiration, and I am sure God will bless her and her family because she deserves it! A reasonable person deserves all the best in life. God bless her and your family.