Who has changed your life?

Knowing God is one thing that can change my life.
Before when I didn’t know God my life is in a mess, and I don’t have any direction.
But one day I woke up and decided to change my life. I only accidentally scrolled through my YouTube when I heard some worship songs that touch my heart.
I gives an impact on life.

From that moment I told myself that I want to change and return to God.
I started attending church services and church activities.
I am learning the word of God and started to follow Him and obey His word.


God and my family’s encouragement changes my life. Before I didn’t realize that all I did is wrong, because I am a rebellious child. But when I started to know God and also my family helped to change. My life now is better than before.

My friend who brought me closer to God.
God has always found a way for us when He sees us going in the wrong direction.
He sends us someone who can help us to know Him.
Because my friend always convinced me to attend church service my faith in God is growing.

Knowing God, change me a lot, before when I don’t know Him my life is not good.
But when I know God, my faith grows deeper and I learn how to follow His commandments.
Now I realized that I am wasting my life doing those unpleasant things.