Where was God when my mother get ill?

I can avoid questioning God about what happened to us, especially when my mother got ill. He doesn’t even give us a chance to have time with my mother.

She just died suddenly without saying goodbye. That was the most hurtful experience I experience. Wondering what my mother’s last word was for us, for her children.
I know she no longer suffered but the pain of thinking that we don’t have a mother anymore breaks my heart so much. :sob: :sob:


God may be seen as working through other people to help those who are suffering. This could be through medical professionals, caregivers, or family members and friends.

I know God has a purpose why it happens to your life. He wants you to be strong even without your mother.

Sending hugs and love to you Douglas.
I hope you will be alright with the right time.
May God give you comfort and embrace you.
Remember that everything happen in our lives has a purpose.