When was the last time you cried and why?

Recently, I can’t help to stop my tears from falling down. I cried because of our situation, We are struggling with our finances and my brother and sister are affected by this because we don’t have enough money for their school expenses.
My parents are both sick, my father has arthritis and he had difficulty walking that’s why he didn’t have to work. My mother has severe asthma.

Sometimes I ask God why he let this happen to my family.
that is why I can’t help to cry in front of our God. Asking Him a lot of questions.
Crying also helps me to ease what I felt.


When my girlfriend left me, well maybe you think that I am weak because I cried. Will because I love her so much that’s why I am broken that time. It takes two years before I completely move on.
Do you know that I believe in the saying that when someone is left in your life there is a replacement? :smile:
God send me a loving and caring wife now.
I thank God that I found this beautiful woman not only physically but spiritually.

When my grandfather died, It hard for me to accept that he left me already.
He is the one who is closest to me.
He loves me unconditionally