When Should I Stop Praying for Something?

The Lord has taught me much about prayer, both by study of his Word and by lots of doing (and failing at) it. While I am sure there will always be some mystery to prayer, one thing that I have always struggled with is how to know if and when to stop praying for something, especially related to [1 John 5:14–17]. Since God’s timing is rarely if ever ours, how do we know when to persevere in asking him for something, and when to stop, because nothing is changing, and it seems to be God saying ‘no’.

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We should never stop praying, since prayer is the only to communicate to our God.

We should not stop in praying it is the only one way to have relationship with God.

Prayer is the most Powerful that we can do.

I think you mean when we should stop praying for a specific prayer topic right? It’s definitely hard to know when to stop, often it’s because other prayer topics come up and we’re just not able to pray for everything all the time. It’s because of our own limitations. But we can take comfort that God doesn’t forget the prayers that we have prayed, even if we stop praying for it.