What was a time you felt afraid?

The time that I was afraid is when my brother called that they send my mom to the hospital because she has difficulty in breathing. I am scared at that time, I don’t want something bad to happen to my Mom, because I think I can’t live without her, or even still live in this world, I think my life is going to be miserable.

That time I prayed to God that He will give a miracle to my Mom, God answer my prayer. after how many days she doesn’t need to wear oxygen. Because her health improves a lot.
Although we can’t avoid being scared or afraid we should seek God and ask for help from Him. God is always there to help us.


It was 2017 I was really afraid at that time. It was late in the evening I was on my way to our house from my school since I studied at night and worked during the day time.
I am scared that time because someone following me. I thought something would happen to me.
But to my surprise, it was my brother. He said He only scared or prank me. He told me that He is waiting for me because it was already late at night.
I want to slap my brother that time. :sweat_smile: but I am happy because he cares for me.

when I was met an accident, I was scared that time I thought that it is the end of my life.
But God gave me an other chance to live so I will cherish this life that God has given to me.

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When my girlfriend left me before,
I am afraid or scared because I used to live and wake up seeing her. I used to have her presence always.
but now she is my wife and we do have 3 beautiful kids

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I am afraid that my love one is leaving me. Although we have different lives, I want them to stay with me for the rest of my life.

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when my father accidentally wounded himself while he is doing household chores.
I am scared that time, I thought that time when we get wounded, were going to die :laughing: It was when I was young I think when I am 6 years old that time.

Thanks you for sharing all your experience.