What should you pray about?

I always prayed about the health of my mother, because I am hoping that God provides her with a miraculous healing power. I am still hoping that in everything the pain she felt right now, everything will disappear in God’s will.

I always prayed also our financial stability since I’m the only one who supports our family the most sometimes I get tired because of the burden that I am carrying, but I am still thankful to God because I have a Job to support my family.

I pray for the safety, good health, wisdom, and knowledge of my siblings who are still studying. Also for the guidance of my two older brothers.

How about you? What should you pray about?


I always prayed for my family’s health
finances, safety, God’s grace and protection for my family.
I also prayed for the unity, and world peace.
Also for everyone’s safety and health.

I prayed that God will provide us with abundant blessings and good health.
Also for everyone’s safety.
Also protection and wisdom and knowledge

I will pray that God will always provide me with good health, since health is the most important for us.
And also a blessings for my family.

I always prayed to God that he will bless my parents with a long life.
Also bless them with good health.