What kinds of major needs are there in our area?

I’ve been in my province last, during those days I’ve been observing our area, I notice that there are lot of lacking things there like food, shelter, there basic needs. Especially in God’s word, they lack that.

I see in people’s attitudes that they lack the word of God.
They are always hot-headed, they fight and quarrel. They lack faith and trust in God.
I hope that when I get back there, I saw the progress of their lives.
I am hoping that God touches their hearts, and lead them to their right paths.


A lot of things need in our area like food, doctors, and a good leader since all the officials in our area are corrupt.
I can’t stand thinking all the hard work of the people there went into the pocket of the officials.
I hope karma will come their way!

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We need a lot in our area, based on what we see, the first thing we need is the health of the people, they need a doctor and a health center.

Second is the education of young people since many of them have not been able to study due to poverty.