What is your dreams?

Dreams are the ladder to our success.
Dreams are our inspiration to work hard and wake up every day.
But when we have dreams and we don’t have God in our lives, our dreams are like a waste it’s impossible to reach.
So to make our dreams come true we need to believe in and trust God first.
So that every goal or dream in our lives we can reach it with the help of our God.

Never stop dreaming even though how old you are.
You’re not too old to dream, even when you failed, dream again and again. No one can stop you to reach your dream as long as you dare to keep going.
It may take a long way to reach your goal, don’t give up!
Keep dreaming!


To become a successful business owner someday.
I know it’s impossible right now, but I believe someday I can make it.
Because God will guide me on how to handle it.

Also to build a building where my whole family can live there.
I want them to live with me or be closer to me even when they have their own family.

Having a complete and happy family with good health and financial stability.
That’s what is in my mind right now, I know God will give it to me at the right time.
And I wait for that.