What is your biggest regret in life?

Hello everyone! this is my first time posting here in this community.
I like your content.

My biggest regret in life is when my Mom was still alive.
When my mom was alive.
I didn’t give her flowers on special occasions in her life.

On the day of her death, I was the one who took care of her burial.
When I bought things and flowers for the funeral, it hurt so much to think that the flowers I bought were for my mother who died.
I realized that time that we should appreciate the people around us, if only we can give them flowers every day let’s give them.
cherish their life every moment in this world as long as they are alive.


Those times when I wasted my life on things that weren’t worth my time.
I regret that I came too late and surrendered to the Lord, but I know that the Lord will accept me despite my shortcomings. He was there waiting for me to correct the wrong doing I had done to him.

Not to spend time with my mother and also take the course that I want to be.
Although it makes me regret not doing that thing, now I am not regretting it all since I believe God has a better plan for my life and I keep sticking to His plan.