What is unusual fear that you have?

I fear that I lost my family since they are my everything. I am growing up that they are always there for me, they are always there when I need someone to share all my pain. I know we should not worry about anything because God is with us, but I really can’t help myself to have fear when it comes to my family.

Aside from my family I also fear that I am losing my faith in God because God is my everything, my savior, my Lord, and my loving father. I don’t want myself to distance myself from God.

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Fear of losing my loved ones. since they mean a lot to me. I don’t want to lose them. I don’t what I am going to do if someday I lose them. That’s why I am always asking to God give them good health and long life to stay with me. I believe that God never allows me to suffer from losing my loved one.

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Fear of losing my faith in God, because when I lose my faith in God my life is going to be a mess. I don’t have any right direction to follow.
Since I believe that God is light and my way to the right path in my life.
I fear losing God’s presence.