What is the happiest thing happening in your life right now?

I just feel sad for other people who are so close-minded when it comes to the Lord. Lord, please forgive them. Thank you for loving us! Every worship service, I cry because you’re always touching my heart. That’s the happiest thing happening in my life right now. Lord, thank you for your presence.
Some people depending their worth if they have a partner but I found my worth in you Lord. I love you Lord.


The happiest thing that happened in my life is when I received God with all my heart. I felt everything has a meaning. Especially when I learned to serve Him and be His follower.
Everyone worries that I have before disappeared.

I can’t help myself cry when I remember the times when the Lord hugged you. Telling you that He loves you, He will change you and be with you. From then on, you won’t look for the “comfort” you want in others. It’s too much for me Lord! :sob:
Receiving God’s comfort is the happiest thing happen in my life.

When we reunited with my family. It was the first time that we were together since my siblings are busy with their work.
I am happy that time because I saw my siblings are in good health even though they are always busy, God never leave them, He blesses them with good health.