What is the best gifts that you receive in Christmas?

The best Gift that I received during Christmas is when I pass the exams as a nurse.
I never thought that I can make it since I didn’t have time to review that time due to my busy schedule in my work as a waitress in the restaurant.

I am grateful to God that He fulfilled my wish.
I am really happy that time.
I can’t thank you enough to all the people around me for their support.
All I can say is Thank you and embrace them.


My sister gave me some letter even though she is too young.
It’s the best gift I ever had because she work hard for it.
She’s thanking me for always supporting and encouraging her.

When I receive a vacation trip from my company.
I was so happy when because I haven’t been on vacation in a long time.
Finally, I can time have to relax.

For me is when my Mom gave birth to my little brother since I’ve been waiting to have another siblings for 10 years.
I am so happy that time. We celebrate our Christmas with a new family member.

Well, the small effort of my family during Christmas is the best gift that I had.
They are helping me prepare Christmas dinner.
And I am happy about that because I don’t stay for too long in the kitchen hahaha
Merry Christmas everyone and advance Happy new year!