What is the best advice that you recieve?

For me is from my Mom,
When I was in secondary school, I ask my Mom why life is so hard to predict.
There is a lot of suffering and hindrances before we can reach our goal.
She told me that everything happens has a reason.
We didn’t learn if we don’t encounter hardship.
She also told that as long as we are breathing and alive we still have hope in everything.

That’s why when I encounter some difficulties I always encourage myself that there is HOPE never give up you can do it.
I always put that in my mind until now.


The best advice that I can’t forget is when my grandfather told me that I should cherish my life no matter what situations I am going to encounter.
Always look for what is the best in our lives and always seek God no matter what we do.

Someone told me that " NEVER GIVE UP!"
Whenever I am desperate over things.
Or when the time that I want to give up.
This word always pops up in my mind.