What is one thing you would like to be remembered for?

One thing I would like to remember is the face of my grandparents since they left this world that I don’t remember their faces.
They died when I was 5 years old.
And I have a lot of questions to ask them. I want to know their story since my friends have a lot of stories about their grandparents and I feel envious of that.

Also, I want to remember my childhood memory, I want to live that memory of having my siblings together, playing, you don’t have to think about the problem, without conflicting with each other. How I wish we were going back to that time, but it’s impossible for us since they are living in different countries.
We unite once a year only and that time is not enough.

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In my childhood memory, I want to grow faster because I want to experience the life of being an adult, will now I want to get back to my childhood, simply, happy and I don’t need to think about what will going to do the day after tomorrow. All I need to do is play.
Life being an adult is complicated you know.