What Is greatest dream?

My dream is simple to have a complete family.
Based on my observation these days a lot of families are struggling with their marriage which leads them to get a divorce.
I don’t want my future to become like this, I want my children to grow so that we are still whole and surrounded by love.

It felt so good to see a family that is whole and happy and full of love for each other even when life is hard or they encounter struggles.
They are there for each other to help or support and encourage each other.


To be successful someday.
I know nothing is impossible when you believe as long as you work hard.
I always thought about what my Mom said.
As long as you are still breathing there is still hope.

To love and to be in love with the person with whom I can spend the rest of my life.
That’s the only dream that I want for now.
Because until now I can’t find the right one for me.
I’ve been waiting for it for so long since I am already 35 years old. :rofl: :rofl:

To have my own business when I reach 30 years old.
I always prayed to God that He will give me wisdom and knowledge for my own business someday so that I can manage it properly.

To have a happy family that God surrounded His love to us.
And we are all healthy.