What has Jesus Christ done for you in 2022?

A lot of things happen in my life in the year 2022
Especially my faith in God, I learn a lot.
God change my life from the disobedient to an obedient child of God.
Before I always doubted God because in all my prayers He never answered them.
But after knowing Him and learning His word, I realized that everything I did is wrong.
I learned to repent of my sins and to forgive others.


The courage that I don’t have before.
Now I have a courage to face those hardships because I know that God is always with me.

A lot of things change especially my attitude.
I am the kind of person that I never follow my parents but when I know God I started to realize that all that I did is not right.
I keep asking for forgiveness from them and God.
I become a humble person.