What does prayer mean to you?

For me, prayer is our way of talking to God.
Spending time our time with God. Prayer is our way to connect to God and let our hearts align with God.
Also through prayer, we can talk to God about all that we felt. It feels so good after we talk to God. Because for me all the burden that I am carrying I let God help me to carry those burdens. I always ask Him to guide me and help me if I encounter hardship.
Prayer It will help me a lot to ease everything that I felt.


For me prayer is talking to God, Through prayer, we communicate with God and talk to Him about what happens to our lives.

Praying is our way of talking to God.
I will help us to get closer to God.

Prayer meant a lot to me because by prayer I can get closer to God and talk to Him.
I love talking to God.