What do you want to let go of?

I want to let go of all the negative thoughts in my mind and the hatred that I have been carrying since I was a child.
I know it is sin that we had hatred for other people but for me, I can’t still let go of my hatred. Sometimes I feel like I am freed from that hatred but when I saw that person that causes me to have trauma. I can’t help to get angered by that person.

My negative though sometimes, I didn’t trust other people except myself.
I am really full of sin because of my attitude but I know God understands what I felt right?
I know there is the right time that I can let go of all of these habits or attitudes.


Yes. Letting go of our hatred differs based on the degree of our hatred towards other people. We are just humans, we feel negative emotions, we become vulnerable. But that’s the reason why we have communities like this that could help us be more closer to God.

God certainly understands you and for sure, you are already on your journey to forgiving those people. Trust God and His teachings, soon, you’ll be able to live a life free of hatred.


hatred to my cousin, because I realized that what she did back then, she didn’t mean it because we are still young at that time, maybe she won’t know that what she did to me is not good.
She is always mocking me, she calls me ugly :rofl: :rofl: , well now I am not ugly anymore :rofl: :rofl:

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