What do you want for Christmas?

While I was sitting in our backyard looking at the people passing by and busy preparing for Christmas.
I was thinking what do I want for Christmas?
I admit that I already had anything but the only thing that I don’t have is my own family. Gosh, I am already out of the number on the calendar you know. I also want to have my own family.
How I wish that next year I can celebrate Christmas with my own family.
That’s what I want for Christmas :joy: :rofl:


All I want for Christmas is you :musical_note: :notes: :joy: :joy:
Just kidding, anyway all I want for Christmas is to have good health for everyone.
And most of all we can celebrate Christmas with my whole family.

To be with my family :cry: :cry: It’s been a while since I am away from them due to the work I need to stay here in my work place.
I already miss them. I am hoping that our boss will be going to give us a short vacation.