What do you think is the hardest thing you have gone through within the last year?

My hardest battle last year is when my family member,
got sick one after another, it was difficult because we had no money at that time. I was the only one who provided them since I have work.
I’m in debt at that time, you know the feeling of always worrying about what you will going to do after that. You always thought about how you would pay off that debt.

But I was thankful for my colleague they understand me. They didn’t charge me for my debt right away. They gave me a lot of time to pay back.
Also, I am grateful to God for giving them a healing power.
Although I have been through a lot that time God never leave me.

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I think when I don’t job for 14 years due to the pandemic that was my hardest year.
I’ve been searching for a job but a lot of companies were close.
Luckily my sister is always there to rescue me, she is the one who supported me in my food and rent for my house.