What do I do with a rebellious child?

My head hurts and I feel broken thinking about my child since he started attending secondary school. He started changing his attitude.
He was rebellious and I thought his friends, they are a bad influence on my child.
I don’t know what I am going to do to the child anymore.

I gave them all my advice and he doesn’t go to church anymore.
How can I make my child return to God and be His better version again?


Bring everything closer to God and let God handle everything.
I know God will not let him go in the wrong direction.
And pray for Him always.

Talk to your child sincerely and try to bring him to the church.
Nothing is impossible when everything we surrender to God, I use to be a rebellious child but after my mother brought me to the church all the sermon of the pastor gives me a big impact, I thought that time that he knows me because all his sermon is about me.
Then I realized that everything I did is wrong, so I ask forgiveness to my Mom and change myself.