What Do I Do About the Mistakes of My Past?

I know we are not perfect we can make mistakes.
The mistakes that I made in the past that always when I think about it, I want to get rid of those past mistakes that caused me not to grow.
The past mistakes lead me in the wrong direction before.
Yes, I admit that mistakes give me a lot of lessons and I am thankful that I experience that because it leads me to the way I am today.

My question is What Do I Do About the Mistakes of My Past? How can I forget those memories?
I don’t want to remember those memories again. I don’t want to stay in the past.


Let go of your past, Don’t live in your past. It cannot help you to grow when living in your past.
Try to forgive yourself first you never knew that you already forgive them when it comes to the right time.
Pray to God always.

Don’t go backward, that’s what the enemy wants you to do. Your future will be greater than your past. Your past was just preparation for your future. Keep moving forward. Things are better for you up ahead.

don’t live in your past because that does not help you grow.
Take the past as a lesson in life and continue to live strong and reach goals. Our past will lead us to our success, right?

God’s love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness are incredibly awesome, and exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask or think!
Remember the Old Testament saints - Moses, King David, Elijah, Solomon, Jacob and his wife, Rebecca, Samson, and many others. We are told not only of the ways they were obedient, and through them God did wonders, but we’re also told about their failures, and not-so-great moments. God wanted us to know and to remember that ALL human beings are flawed. ALL people mess up. God used them, in spite of their failures. That is so that HE can be seen as The One Who does all things. We all remember the story of David and Goliath. Let’s remember that it WASN’T one little tiny stone from a brook, flung from a shepherd ridiculed by his brothers, that killed Goliath. GOD HIMSELF slew Goliath! God just chose to work through a scrawy, perhaps smelly, shepherd, so that all would see that Goliath went down because GOD was in control.
God knows your heart! God knows full well that you love Him, and want to live for Him, and serve Him! Just be alert - God will speak to others, through you; God will send His Holy Spirit to nudge you to do something that might seem a little bit odd, or even not make any sense at all - just do it, and give God the glory!

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Pray and keep your distance from people or locations that might trigger negative reactions. Swap out negative thoughts for positive self-talk.

Forget your past, it doesn’t help you to grow, move on and serve it as a lesson in your life.

Be it your strength so that you can continue in life and change yourself.