What are your Wishlist this Christmas?

  1. To make my family happy
  2. To have good health in every member of my family.
  3. To have a long life
  4. To have a financial stable
  5. To have my own family next year 2023.

To full fill, the needs of my family
and one of my biggest wishes for them is to have good health and long life.
Also to have a financially stable.

My Wishlist are

To have good health ,Peace, Blessings, long-life and lastly is I am hoping that all my wishes this coming 2023 will come true.

To celebrate Christmas with my whole family since last year due to the pandemic we are not complete.
I am hoping that this Christmas we will complete it again.

To have abundant blessings since we are struggling with our finances.
And most all to have good health.

My Wishlist is to have good health for every member of my family, and we will going to be successful someday.
Merry Christmas!

How I wish I could back to my family this Christmas, due to my finances I can’t even afford a plane ticket.
I wish that they have good health and God will always in their side to protect them while I am away from them.

My Wishlist are to have a good health to have abundant blessings so that I can sustained my family needs.