What are your ways to serve others?

My ways to serve other are

  • Help our family or relatives
  • Volunteer to your community
  • Donate some stuff to the homeless or needy
  • Help someone by giving them some encouraging word.
  • Giving food to hungry people.

What are your ways to serve others?

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by showing them an act of kindness, Serving and helping them without expecting any returns. By helping them with what they need to the best of my ability.
By doing all of that we should also serve the Lord by teaching or spreading His word.

Helping them without expecting any return. Helping other people who need help is one of my habits. Although sometimes I felt like nothing was left in me, I am happy and contented to see the smile on their faces.
sometimes my friend scolded me because she always saw that when I saw someone on the street, looking for something to eat I choose to give my food to them.
Because I know I can buy it again unlike them they need to find some leftover food in the restaurant to have something to eat.