What are you learning about yourself lately?

Being humble, I know that I am a boastful person, will my mouth can’t cooperate with me, it keeps talking about what’s in my mind :sweat_smile: :joy: or what I can see to the other people. Well but I learn to change this attitude of mine because I know a lot of people get hurt when I am saying something harsh.

Well Thanks to my friend that always reminds me that all I did is not right, sometimes I am annoyed because she always says that all I did is wrong. Because for is nothing wrong with me since I am telling the truth.
Anyway, she is a Christian, she always encourages me.
And God made me change the way I am before, now I am choosing my word before I talk to other.

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I always look to the brighter side than thinking about negativity.
Because I learn that life is too precious to let yourself drown in that negative vibes.