What are ways to serve others?

There are a lot of ways to serve others.

  1. Donate, by donating any amount or things that they need is one of the great things that we can provide them.

  2. Volunteering, volunteering in our communities help us to make our community grow and also ease their burdens.

  3. Teach, by teaching what you’ve learned to the people who can’t afford to go to school help them gain some knowledge.

  4. Give them some encouraging words this is the best thing we can help to others. Hearing encouraging it will help them to keep going and to work hard.

Please reply to the comment section your ways to serve others.


We had different ways to serve others, for me the best way to serve others is to give them encouraging words.
It will give them comfort during their darkest time, it will give them the courage to keep going and to get up.

We had different ways to serve others as long as we have good intentions and it comes from our heart.
Helping other people contribute to easing the poverty in our country.
May everyone will continue to help others.

Giving encouraging words is the best way to help and serve other aside from giving them financial support and personal needs.
Receiving an encouraging word helps them to work hard and do more good things despite how hard life is.

Serving others is a good thing that we can do because serving others is like serving God. God will be happy when he sees us doing good.
Keep serving and do goodwill.
God bless us all!