Should I listen to Hillsong?

If you are a Christian and enjoy listening to worship music, then you may find Hillsong’s music to be inspiring and uplifting. However, it is important to note that different people have different tastes in music, and what may be inspiring to one person may not be inspiring to another.

It is also important to consider the beliefs and values of the group and the church it is associated with. If you have any concerns about the group’s beliefs or practices, then it may be worth doing some research to learn more.

The decision to listen to Hillsong or any other music group is a personal one. It is important to listen to your own values and beliefs when making this decision.


It depends on you, if you want to listen to Christian songs so be it. No one can stop you we had the freedom to choose what kind of song we want to hear right?

But listening to a Christian song helps us to meditate on the word of God and help us to get closer to God.

Yes of course you can listen to it, it’s your freedom to do whatever you want to listen to as long as it’s good for you.
No one can stop you from to listen to the song that you like.