Put God be the center of your family

Building a loving family takes time and effort, but the benefits are immeasurable. By consistently showing love, respect, and kindness to your family members, you can create a home filled with love.

Also when we put God be the center of our family we can find peace love and joy that never ends. God’s love will be our weapon to all the difficulties in our family because we know that we overcome all the difficulties with the help of God.


Making God the center of your family can bring peace, unity, and a sense of purpose to your household. When you prioritize your relationship with God, you create a foundation of faith that can strengthen your family’s relationships and help you face challenges with grace and resilience.

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Lord, help us to deepen our faith and trust in you, and to make time for prayer, worship, and reflection as a family. May we find joy and fulfillment in learning about your word and living our your teachings in our daily lives.

May our family be shining example of your love and goodness to those around us, and may we always glorify you in all that we do. In Jesus Name. I pray. Amen.