It's been a while, How are you?

It’s been a while, How are you?
2023 has begun, and one month has passed. But a lot of us still don’t feel prepared and are asking - Can we start again?
Thanks to God, we can always start again! And today is a good time to start new again. It tells us that we can present ourselves to God again, and start with Him again. He will not tired of you.

I know because honestly, I have been taking small steps out of a spiritual dryness lately, and this is a pretty big one. Thank you for taking it with me.
Sometimes, we think we have already been close to God, then suddenly He would feel far - but it is Him calling us to grow even closer and deeper with Him. Take that step closer.

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I am not good lately, A lot of things happen to my family lately, we’re struggling with our finances and also my mother got ill.
But I know God will never leave us and He is there to help us.