Is there really a God?

Sometimes we can’t avoid this question especially since the difficulties that we encounter in our lives are repeated over and over again, it’s like never-ending.
It happens to me a while ago when I don’t feel the presence of the Lord.
It’s like my life has no direction. I don’t know where I can turn to.
I feel empty inside, I was looking for the answers to all my questions.

I know that God is real but why did that happen in my life?
I suffer a lot since childhood until now.
I want to get out of this suffering.


Yes of course, when you believe in Him you can feel His presence.
Trust God in everything and don’t question His ability because we are nothing if it’s not from God.
Although we can’t avoid questioning sometimes because of the trials that we face always remember the sacrifices that God has given to us.


Of course, if God doesn’t exist I think our world is in chaos right now, and people don’t have any direction. Because no one can guide us.
God is the one who is guiding us to the right path.
We exist because of Jesus Christ.


God exists even though we don’t have a chance to see Him but his presence and miracles are the truth that he was with us no matter what happens. Sometimes, things were experienced for us to be braver and better. And there is suffering that God wants us to be close to Him, Look for him, ask forgiveness and guidance, and I assure you will believe in Him again.