If you could ask God one thing. What should you ask?

I want to ask God for comfort and to have courage. Comfort because I always felt anxious about everything, especially my family. I want God to comfort me and help me to shoulder my burden because these past few months I have had a lot of burdens, burdens for my family’s finances, and my brother’s and sister’s education, I felt tired of carrying those burdens. Courage to do all things that I can’t do, especially when it comes to facing my problems or trials, I am lucky to have of courage to face them all.


Why I am struggling with everything? I know that God never let us suffer but I am struggling, with my work, finances, and my health.
I am struggling with my new task, and our finances, I’ve been working for so long but I am still in debt. I don’t know why. Also, I always had back pain.

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I will ask God’s forgiveness in every mistakes that I made. because I know I made a lot of mistakes not only in God but also to the people around me. I admitted that I lied sometimes but that is only a white lies that will help myself keep away from those temptation or keep away to the people who has a bad intention towards me.

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I would ask the old age question that so many people have asked over the course of history. That is, why does God allow bad things to happen to good, upstanding, God-fearing people?

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@everyone thank you so much, I’ll appreciate of all you :blush: