I want a baby, but my spouse does not. What do we do?

We’re living together with my spouse for almost 8 years this year.
But we’re not yet married.
We are happy and we don’t have any problem with each other.
But when I ask him if I want to have a child since I am getting older, he doesn’t want a child he told me that he was already contented with me.
I feel broke and I don’t know how to respond to him.
I love him and I know he loves me too.
What can I do?


It’s my problem too, we’ve been living with my partner for how many years, we do have a child but I want to have another child :blush: :blush: but he doesn’t want to.
But I believe that In God’s perfect time, God will give it to me.

Wait for the right time that your husband will open up and be ready to become a Dad, don’t push him because it might lead you to your misunderstanding.
Pray time will come, don’t lose hope.

It will come to the right time, wait for Him to be ready to become a Dad.
My partner also liked that before but after he found out that I am pregnant. He is happy to know and excited to be a Dad.
Keep on praying and believing.