How would you describe your journey with God up to this point in your life?

My journey with God up to this point in my life was not easy.
But I felt the Grace of the Lord that I never felt before. Now I am already content with what I have. I am also grateful to God for guiding me to His kingdom that I never had before. I was a wanderer before but now I found His kingdom where I belong.

I am grateful to my family in faith that they accepted me for who I am. They don’t judge what I am in the past, they embrace and accepted me with all their heart and I felt it.
Now I will continue to follow God get closer to Him, to serve Him and others.

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I am blessed until now because when I started my journey to God a lot of things happen, there are times that I want to give up because I can’t handle the trials
ls God has given to me.

But here I am standing firm in front of God. I am blessed since I was surrounded by positive people who lift me up when I am down they always reminded me to keep going.