How should you ask for forgiveness?

For me, I repent first and genuinely ask for their forgiveness especially when I realized that I am wrong.
But I didn’t expect that they will forgive me immediately because I know there is always the right time for that.

To those people who are afraid to admit their mistakes, don’t be afraid because admitting our mistakes doesn’t mean that we lose something.
Asking for forgiveness from the person you’ve been hurt it’s one way to rebuild your relationship.

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I am asking for forgiveness from those I have done wrong, I am confronting the person, telling them what I have done and will ask for their forgiveness, and I will not do it again. I am not perfect. Sometimes in life, people will test your patience until you burst out and say bad or do wrong to them, and I am not that bad to let it pass. I will say sorry and will reconcile with them.