How often do you turn to your religion to help you deal with problems in your life?

I can’t count how many times I turn to my religion to help me deal with problems in my life.
Every time that no one I can turn to, I turn to my religion to help me pray to overcome my problems and it’s working.
All their prayers God answer and he granted me what I want.

That is why I am grateful to my church group they never get tired of praying to everyone, especially their church member.
I found comfort in my religion and it leads me to become a better person. It leads me to make my faith grow and get closer to God.


Always, it help me to ease all the burden that I am carrying.
And I felt through turning to them God answered all my prayers and help me to get through from my difficulties.
I felt His presence and the reason that I turn to them because I cannot make it alone. I need someone to help me and I chose them.