How often do you pray alone?

Anytime, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.
We had a lot to pray for to God, especially in our daily lives.
For example, guidance, protection, peace, wisdom, knowledge, and gratitude to God.
Wherever you are pray to God and make time for God even 1 minute will be a big help for us to get closer to Him.


I always pray to God since I had a lot to be grateful to Him.
First is my family I am grateful to Him for giving me a complete family, a family who care and love each other dearly.
Second my job, I am grateful to have a job.
and last is having good health.

sadly, sometimes I forgot to pray to God because I am drowning in earthly things.
But now I am slowly changing because I learned to appreciate God’s work and I learned how to be grateful.