How far is your current place of worship from your home?

It takes 1 hour to my current place of worship from home.
But it was never a hindrance for me since I love worshipping God and hearing His words, although sometimes I can’t attend due to a lack of money.
But I am thankful to my church brother and sister that online I can attend the service and it made my day hearing God’s word.

After hearing His word all my worries disappeared, and it was replaced by hope and courage to keep going and following God.
Courage to face all the trials that come my way.


30 mins ride from my home, although it’s far from my home it’s not a hindrance for me to get closer to God, praise and worship Him.
I only thought that it was only a challenge that God had given to me.

We’re about 20 minutes away, around 10 miles. We’ve been members of other two churches, but this one’s better.

I have opportunities through CV Outreach to make suggestions to people about finding a church. For most people, especially new Christians or seekers, I recommend looking for a place where they might find people who may be dealing with similar issues.