How do you show love to others?

I show love to others through my word of encouragement or my action or by giving them a special gift.
They say that we cannot easily give our love to other people because we were the ones who suffer the most when they broke us.
But it’s different for me as long as I like that person I show them how I love them without asking for any return, as long as they are happy and I am also happy, I’ll give what they want from me.

Another way of showing them is to encourage them when they need to also I am supporting them in what is good for them.
I love seeing people around me happy, seeing their smiles.
I am already contented with that, that’s how I love them.

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Care is one of my ways to show love to others.
Sometimes I give them a gift or something special or useful thing for them.
But most of all I’ll show or I will make them feel that I love them.