How do you listen to God in prayer?

I listen to God’s prayer by meditating on His word.
Also listening worship song helps me a lot especially when I feel heavy deep inside, and no one can talk to me.
It feels so hard, I don’t what to do if not for God’s guidance in my life.
Feeling every word that I heard, I felt that God is on my side always.


I meditate and also listening some YouTube video every morning before I get our to my bed.
Listening to prayers and sermons on YouTube helps me a lot.


Pray, not until God hears you but until you listen to God. Meditating is a plus.

Listening o God’s prayer helps me a lot to meditate on His word and it pushes me to get closer to Him, to know Him more, and to follow His word.
Let’s meditate on the word of God together.