How do you know the Presence of God?

In my opinion, the presence of God is always with us, it depends on how we feel it. Sometimes others say that they can feel the presence of God when they encounter some minor accident, they say that God is with them because God protecting them from that accident. Or others say that by feeling some cold breeze air while they are walking alone in the middle of the night, so they are not going to be afraid anymore because is with them.

The presence of the Lord is with always all we need to do is Trust God with all our hearts and let God work in our lives.

I know this sounds silly but I know God’s presence in something a friend of mine calls “God Winks”. These are just little things in my day where I feel like God is acknowledging me and letting me know He is there. For example, I recently got lost driving in the city, looked up and saw a sign that said, “This Way”. It didn’t take me precisely to where I needed to go but it got me to the general area where I could figure out where I was.