How Can You Have Financial Freedom?

I’ve been working hard to have financial freedom, but still, I struggle with our finances.
My salary is not enough for my family. I am in debt.
Sometimes I ask God if I can experience this hardship, it’s unfair sometimes to think that others have abundant lives.

Sorry to say ask this of everyone, but I want to have financial freedom so that I don’t need to worry about my parents and siblings with their financial needs, especially my mother who has a lung disease and my siblings still studying.
How Can You Have Financial Freedom?


Save, even if it is 5% of your salary, it will be a big help for you.
I did that before. And I thank God because I did it, and now I am free from my debt.

If you still have time to look for another job or look for part-time jobs that will help you earn extra money. You just need to be diligent and hardworking in everything that you are doing. God will pay off all your hard works!

Try to read some financial advice or watch it on YouTube it will be helpful for you.
Also, try to save and build your own small business it will be a big help.
And Trust God’s process and guidance.