How can I pray for you?

I know some of us here struggling.
Please do comment on all your prayers here and I will pray for you :blush:
I hope through prayers I can help you to ease your burden right now.
It is my only way of helping you guys since I also lack money to help with your needs right now.

I hope everyone out there is alright, may the Lord god will bless us all with His abundant blessings and provide us with good health.
Protect us from any danger and also grant us our prayers.


Please pay for my family that god will guide and protect them especially for my brothers and sister who studied away from our house.
Pray for them that God will bless them with knowledge so that they pass every exams that they take or answer every questions from their teacher.
Thank you so much!

Hi Nancy, I would like to share my prayer for my friend who is struggling with her anxiety she has difficulty sleeping and she is always worried about her family.
May all her worries and anxiety will disappear, and everything can be changed with joy.
Please pray for her.
Thank you so much.

Pray for me to achieve my goal to become an entrepreneur although it was a small business I am already happy to start my own.
Please pray that God guides me through this journey and gives me the wisdom to manage my business.
Thank you so much!